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Coffee, tea or espresso - Website that offer a new twist on what you drink.

A traditional beverage to drink in the morning is usually coffee, it is a great drink and an easy way to get that caffeine into your system.  There are a lot of coffee shops out the some of these websites will help you to new ways to get the most out of your cup of joe.

Find a coffee shop
Wikimedia Commons - "LatteArtElephant" by Zimmermanns
Learn more about coffee
Listen to sounds of a coffee shop
Find out how much caffeine you can tolerate
Fun excuse to have a coffee

Plagiarism - the bane of writers.

Some people just don't get it.  Sometime they may take the easy way out by using someone else's words without attribution.  This is plagiarism.  If you have something to say, then use your own words.  It is an easy fix, find another way to write something truly unique, a thesaurus may help.   Plagiarism is a big No, No in the written world because you are, in a sense, stealing somebody's work.  To protect yourself you may try using one of the websites below.  Enter the text you want analyzed to see if would be considered to be plagiarized.

Here is a LINK for web-resources that  help you to put together a term paper.

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Send an E-mail Anonymously

Who has ever wanted to send an E-mail but remain anonymous?  Here is your chance.  These websites will enable you to send a message without revealing your true identity.  Of course you have to have faith that your e-mail will actually remain anonymous.  Sometimes it is hard to have faith in technology.
Image: Morgue File
Send an Email to someone with a personal hygiene issues:
Tell your boss something that no one else will:
Determine if an e-mail address is legitimate:
Send a real anonymous snail mail:
Send an anonymous text/SMS message to someone:
Want to have your Emails automatically forwarded, CLICK HERE.  To create a temporary E-mail box then CLICK HERE instead.

Do you know of any other websites that belong here?  List them in the comment section below.

Handy Websites for Handy People

There are a reason some people have a reputation as a handy man.  It seems like these people always have a good idea on how to fix something.  They know how to do it, and they always seem to have the tools to get it done.  These websites are chocked full of information on how to fix things in and around your home.  Check them out.


General Repairs:
If you like these website and know of others that should belong here, post them in the comment section below.

Are you actually chatting with a person or a computer?

A chat box is a computer program that simulates a conversation with you.  No one is quite sure why anyone would want to have a conversation with a computer but judging by the number of chat box websites around, it seems to be quite popular.  Are you ready to start conversing with a computer?

General Chatboxes:

Create your own chat box:
Information about chat bots:
A contest for chat boxes:
A collection of chat boxes:
Learn English:
Do you like these websites?  If you know of some that should be here, add them to the comment section below.

If you like to chat with a computer, try a real person.  Click Here for a list of chat websites what allow you to communicate with real people.

Create animation with these websites.

Animated movies seem to have always made money.  From Snow White to Toy Story, there is always a new movie coming out,  usually with great success.  If you want to make your own animated movie you will need some software, unless you like to illustrate by hand.  Here are some websites that will allow your creative juices to flow while making 2d or 3d animated adventures.

Stop Motion:
2D Animation:
3D Animation:

Flash Animation

Have you heard of any other great animation related websites?  If so post them in the comment section below.

Everybody has a birthday. Here are some websites to help you celebrate.

Birthdays, everyone has one per year.  To say happy birthday on the internet is quite easy but what else can make your birthday wishes a little nicer?  Below are some website that may put a smile on for someones special day.

By Peter Clarke at en.wikipedia 
[Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
A nice greeting::
Something interesting from the day:
Remembering birthdays
Know someone that will be a parent soon?  Click HERE to find out what the baby may grow up to look like.

Do you know of other birthday websites that should be listed here?  Add them in the comment section below.

YouTube, what else can you do?

So YouTube has been around since February of 2005, and as great as it is, there are limitations. Below are a collection of websites that will help your viewing experience in different ways.

Have you ever wanted a notification when a new video becomes available?
Look up historic videos or see some that have been unlisted or removed from viewing.
How about removing those pesky advertisements?
Create a playlist of videos.
If that is not enough, here are some other ways to use YouTube.

Do you like Reddit?  Click HERE for some Reddit related websites.

Delete your web accounts and become invisible, disappear on the internet.

Anonymity is a concern whenever you are using a computer on the internet.  One way to protect your privacy is to delete or reduce your online social presence.  Here is a collection of websites that will help to remove your information from a variety of website that you may subscribe to.

Delete accounts from websites
Website Specific:

Twitter (tweets)
Make your Twitter account more effective, click here to learn more.

Bonus:  Learn how to wipe all of your data off that old cell phone:

If you know about any other similar websites, please post these in the comment section below.

Test products and get some free samples to use.

There is always a catch.  These websites offer you an opportunity to try out some samples.  The catch, you need to giv some feed back about the products.  Not a bad deal.  Companies want to know what your opinion is about some products,  Why not let them know and get some samples for free?

Have you found some other interesting websites?  Submit them using the comment section below.

Cruel and Unusual - Life is sometimes funny, lets see how.

Yes, sometimes the unsuspecting fall prey to the devious prankster.  These websites feature the hapless victims and the evil offender.  Take a look at them and have a good laugh.


Sometimes the customer ends up looking like a fool

or your employer:

Of course the may be your family:

Of course there may be a problem if you lived here:

or shopped with these folks:

And sometimes it is just not worth it

Just don't leave a note

Do you know of any other websites that should be listed here?   If you do please post them in the comment section below.

Writing a term paper? These resources will help to bring it all together.

Are you writing a term paper this year?  Pages upon pages on one subject; organization, as always, is the key to success.  The tediousness of recording each reference seems to waste so much valuable time.  Using the proper format to correctly cite one, oh the joy.  These website should be able to help you manage the references throughout your paper.

Organize, Cite, Collaborate:
Create Citations with the the correct paper format:
Bibliography add-on for LaTeX documents:
Test the readability of your paper or website
Here is a website that determines the readability of your paper:
Estimate the time needed to complete your paper:
Other paper writing resources:
Do you use note cards?   CLICK HERE to check out some online note card websites.

Do you know any other websites that go here?  Add them in the comment area below.

Are you the only one using your username?

Usernames are kind of like real names.  Personally, I feel a bit offended when I found out if there is someone else out in the world that has my username.  When I log on to a website for the very first time, will my username already be taken?  With these websites you will no longer need to wonder.  Just add your username and they will scan through a lot of websites to determine if it is in use or not.  This would be a great resource for a business or a web developer as well.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Of course you may also be interested in generating your own new username.  There is a website for this as well.
If you found other interesting websites, submit them in the comment section below.

Meetings anytime anywhere. These are resources you might use the help schedule and facilitate a great meeting.

Herding cat or herding people, is there a difference?  People, like cats, have their own schedule, priorities and timelines.  Getting everyone in the same place at the same time can be very difficult. No wonder family reunions are such a rare event.  Fortunately there are some resources listed here that make this task much easier.

Dine with others:

Spontaneously with your friends:

Halfway in between:

Online / Collaborate / Web conference:


Connect with similar likes:

Schedule a group:

Convert unusable text documents into something that is more copy and paste friendly.

You ever come across a document that you wish you could copy text from and paste it into another document, research paper, senior project or presentation?  These websites will allow you to convert image files and some times whole webpages into editable text.  Just upload the document that you want to have converted and wallah, you will receive an editable version.  As always, be careful what you upload your privacy might be at stake.

Upload files to be scanned:

    Upload a file or submit a URL address:
    Take a usable document and make it unusable"

    Did you find these websites useful?  Have you found some that are better?  Submit your comments in the section below.

    Convert YouTube videos as MP3 files, listen to them later.

    Listening to music is great, unfortunately not all music is available to listen on your MP3 player. These websites will allow you to convert the audio from a YouTube video to a file that you can use on your MP3 player.  Heck why limit yourself to music, how about a podcast or a speech or a viral video.
    This website: will allow you to upload your MP3 and images directly to YouTube making an HD video.

    So you watch a YouTube video, but you don't know what song you heard.  Use this website to determine the name of the song.

    Do you know of any other websites that belong here?  Add them in the comment section below.

    Make a new friend, who happens to be incarcerated.

    Here is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with someone that may have made a few bad choices.  These are people too, but their social mobility is rather limited.  A letter or phone call once in awhile to someone in prison may lighten someone's day.
    Image: Wikimedia Commons

    Simulate a phone call from prison:

    See if you are wanted by the FBI:

    See where they may reside:

    Find out what they did: 

    Better check to see if they are a murderer:

    Letters from Inmates:

    Find out the last words of executed inmates:

    Maybe you can find a mugshot:

    If you know of any other websites like these, please add them to the comment section below.

    A list of some crypto-currencies

    Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin - How many digital currencies are there anyway?  We may never know some will come and go but others will make the cut.  Below is a list of some crypto-currencies; are digital currencies in your future?
    Extra Websites
    If you know of other crypto-currency websites or interesting websites in general, submit them in the comment section below.

    Bad Spelling = Great Deals

    Great deals are to be had.  Spelling errors sometimes make the greatest deals around.  These websites will help you to discover theses hidden jems.  Sellers that are not careful might misspell an item, then post if for sale.  This is when you can jump in there and buy on the cheap because not many people have viewed it.

     Do you know of any other websites like these?  Add them in the comment section below.

    Have some Christmas fun with these websites

    Christmas is always a special time of year.  So these websites may make it just a little more special.  See what Santa is up to, where is he going and he may even get a talk or write to a friend of yours.  These websites will help Santa sort the whole thing out.


    Get work done for cheap

    Are you interested in having a virtual personal assistant or maybe you would like to become one?  These websites will allow you to contract with someone to get stuff done.  Pay a few dollars and get the job done and out of the way.
    Interested in free technical computer support?  Click here to find some helpful websites.

    Do you have a website to add to this list?  Add them in the comment section below.

    Generate filler text with lorem ipsum

    If you are a website developer, then there may be a need to demonstrate what a website may look like to your clients.  But you want to do this without specific text, well Lorem Ipsum is what you need. These websites will generate nonsensical but realistic looking text.  Lorem Ipsum is the way to do it. This text looks like something that written but the actual words are only placeholders.  If you are interested in learning more about Lorem Ipsum then click here.
    Plane generic generator
    Specialty Themed Ipsums
    Programming / coding
    Have you found any other websites like these?  Add them in the comment section below.

    Websites that make Reddit more interesting

    Reddit is the most interesting site on the internet.  There is something for everyone and it is always changing. Wait a couple of hours and you will end up with a whole new set of stories.  What happens when you want more than what Reddit has to offer?  This websites add more functionality that to what you already enjoy.

    Look for images:
    Find information about Reddit posters:
    Analyze Reddit statistics:
    Do you know of a couple of other websites like these?  Post them in the comment section below.

    Protect your privacy, search the internet from a virtual location far far away.

    With the revelations by Edward Snowden, we learned that no one is really secure when using a computer. This has created a level of distrust with whom we are suppose to respect and believe in. Although one may no longer have total anonymity on the internet. These proxy websites will allow you to appear to surf the internet from a different location than where you actually are at.
    Create a temporary E-mail address - Click here

    If you like these websites and know of others, list them in the comment section below.

    Learn to make a new alcoholic drink

    Ever get stuck in a rut?  Sometimes a friendly bartender or a friend may suggest a new cocktail to try,  With these websites you may be able to offer some drink suggestions of your own.  
    How about sume tunes to go with that drink:
    Want to try out a new bar click: here
    or maybe you could win a drink with some of these: bar tricks.

    Know of any other websites like these?  List them in the comment section below.

    Text message (SMS) reminder services

    Want to send a text message later?  These websites will enable you to do just that.  Pre-schedule a text message to be sent out on a specific time and or date.
    Know about any other text message reminder services?  Add them in the comment section below.

    Are you ill today? These maps help to see how bad it really is.

    Concerned about Ebola, Swine flu the bird flu or some other type of disease?  Now more than ever these infectious diseases can spread around the world literally overnight.  These websites may be able to help you prepare with an early warning.


    Know of any other websites that are similar to theses?  Add them to the comment box below.

    Chat with your friends using these websites.

    Group Text, Group Video
    Random Video Chat
    Random Text Chat
    Random Text Chat, Random Video Chat
    Anonymous Text Chat
    Group Video, Screen Sharing
    Encrpyted, Video, Screen Sharing
    Encrpyted, Video, Audio, Text
    Video, Audio, Text
    Backend Web guru chat platform
    Other Websites with chat capabilities

    Find the lowest fuel prices in your town or along your route.

    These fuel price websites may be helpful on your next road trip across America.

    So your empty light has come on, and there is no gas station in sight. will help you to figure out how  much further you can go.

    Know of any other websites that should go here?  Add them to the comment section below.

    Find the music with only a few lyrics.

    There are times when I can't get a tune out of my head.  What is even more frustrating is when I cannot remember the song but only recall a few lyrics.  Here are some websites to help with that problem.  Type in a few lyrics from a song and discover the song it comes from.
    Have you found any other websites like these?  Add them to the comment section below.